Embody Lightbody

Talk: Awakening Your Soul Wisdom

Awakening Your Soul Wisdom Begin your path of expressing your greatness from beyond the physical realm by Awakening Your Soul Wisdom. You have a choice to either follow your Soul Signature, which is following whatever opens your heart in each moment and takes you down the path to living heaven on earth, or following the path which leads to the path of suffering as you moves away from Spirit in unconsciousness, because you feel separate and less than All That Is.. Each soul designs its life before incarnation to continue the many themes it’s been exploring over many lifetimes. Easily following your Soul Signature all depends connecting with your Soul Wisdom and on how dedicated and focused you are in clearing the separation programming put in place by the soul, this presentation shows how you can go about doing just that. Find out how to align more to your Soul Wisdom and follow your Soul Signature to live a life with ease and grace with this FREE PRESENTATION
Embody Lightbody…Express your greatness from beyond the physical realm. Walk in your true consciousness, uninhibited by the mental and physical comprehension you were born with. This is Lightbody Embodied. This is how you shed everything that you weren’t meant to be and live exactly who you were born to be. Awakening Your Soul Wisdom with a Soul Wisdom Reading is the first step in expressing your greatness. Barbera and Suzan will be offering live Soul Wisdom Readings to begin your path of Lightbody Embodiment. With a Soul Wisdom Reading, you will receive a Map of Your Soul Wisdom – the map and route to where you are going, you’ll be able to better understand your life, and get a simple tool to bring more balance into your life and work. Let the light of your own soul shine through every pore of your physical being. Let the light that you were born with permeate everything you have become, to let what you’re supposed to be forever, shine.


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