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Diana’s reiki treatments are located in the Tranquillity Zone where you will receive elemental reiki healing (with the option of essential oils) and experience deep relaxation and intuitive insights. Circle of Growth guides you to embrace possibilities and supports you to restore balance to your mind, body and soul by providing intuitive coaching using Sacred Money Archetypes and addressing your physical, emotional and spiritual issues through healing that incorporates the elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) to create a deeply relaxing and enlightening treatment.





Talk: Empowering Your Inner Nurturer

  • Nurturers are naturally generous with their time,money and services. They love to help, protect, shelter and nurture others to the detriment of themselves. The key to success for nurturers is to care for others by empowering themselves so that they avoid over-giving and feeling exhausted or unappreciated as a result of the endless help they give. Diana will share tips about how nurturers can create powerful money boundaries that move them from self neglect to self care so that they can continue to lovingly support others from a place of personal strength.