Can you imagine feeling awful and not knowing about the help available to you, right on your doorstep?
While I was chatting with a client, she mentioned she didn’t know there was peer support for Wellbeing Practitioners available in Enfield. Neither was she aware of the number of awesome therapies available to help her, right here on her doorstep.

During that conversation we discussed the general wellbeing of Enfield as a borough. I recalled an article I had read a few years back showing Enfield to be the 11th unhappiest borough.

Whilst googling the link, a more recent article popped up showing Enfield was now the 4th unhappiest borough…

Something inside me clicked. Enfield is a community where we help each other. Wouldn’t you agree?

However, we do sometimes forget to help ourselves. In doing so, we forget to look after our own wellbeing as much as we do for others.

Two and two became four: Talent plus the public make a happier Enfield!

The Enfield Wellbeing Showcase seed was planted and nurtured.

The vision: building community wellbeing through positive collaboration with wellbeing experts.

Soon four other talented therapists and I came together. Bringing various skills other than our main therapies, wonderful things happened.
The result: hosting our second Enfield Wellbeing Showcase.

Yes you can pamper yourself for charity!

The benefits for you:

  • A healthier, happy pain-free-you (and Enfield community)!
  • Understanding how to keep yourself and your family healthy all year from a variety of local experts (over 50 of them)
  • Taster sessions help you ‘try before you buy’ and fully understand how your health and wellbeing can be enhanced
  • Pampering, help and support for you at reasonable rates
  • Speakers and mini-workshops all aimed at getting you to your best
  • Meeting the Mayor of Enfield (she’ll be helping welcome the first visitors this year!)

On Saturday 4th November 2017 from 11am to 4pm we will be introducing local Enfield wellbeing businesses to the public. This is our second year hosting this event.

We are supporting two local charities with the door proceeds: In Sue’s Name and Zebra’s Children and Adults – the more of you through our doors, the more our charities benefit.

Last year we had 250 visitors, we’d love some more this year!

We are bringing the best of Enfield’s therapists, coaches, healers and readers together on one day. Here the you can speak to a variety wellbeing experts and sample what we all offer.

With over 50 exhibitors ranging from Pampering massage, Acupuncture, Kineseology, Dyslexia, Physio through to Zen Meditation, there is something for everyone’s wellbeing.

Together we can make Enfield the number one happiest place to live, work and be.

I am Cheryl-lya S Broadfoot a local Enfield resident who runs my own business -Soul’s Compass: Business Startup Coach, Complementary Therapist and Events Organiser.

Not only that, I also run the Enfield Wellbeing Showcase on a voluntary basis (no profits are taken) with support from an ace committee of volunteers: Aileen Kennedy, Alev Jemal, Nicola Antoniou and Stacey Chapman.

Back Row left – right: Aileen Kennedy, Stacey Chapman, Nicola Antoniou
Front left-right: Cheryl-lya Broadfoot, Alev Jemal

We work to keep Enfield being well!

Our next goal is getting Enfield to the number one spot on the list of happiest places to live… are you with us?

Exhibitor registration dates and visitors information for the 2018 event will be announced in June 2018; join our mailing list to be kept informed.

We also have a Facebook page, Enfield Wellbeing Showcase, join us there for details on all exhibitors throughout the year.

Stay happy, stay Blessed,
Cheryl-lya Broadfoot
Organiser & Lead
(m) 07527 303 911