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Start TimeEnd TimeTitle of TalkNameTalk Outline
11:30 AM12:15 PMCleaner BodyJo Permaul

Do you want to understand what's in your health and beauty products?
*What does Organic really mean?
*How does what you put on your skin affect your health?
*Would you like to minimise money spent on your healthcare regime?
Find out all of this and more with Jo Permaul, Wellbeing Advisor and Homeopath

12:15 PM01:15 PMHow to slow down with Mindfulness and still get stuff doneNatasha Harris

In this interactive workshop I will explain:
* how with Mindfulness you can reduce stress and anxiety
* how you can slow down
* how slowing down will improve your relationships with loved ones and at work.
* How you can find solutions despite the challenges.
* You will be given a couple of simple tools and techniques to take away with you.

01:30 PM02:15 PMHealing for the Age of AquariusAngie Runagall

This gentle and relaxing session will cover:

Introduction to Rahanni Celestial Healing 
o What it is, why it's been gifted at this time and how it helps.
Short healing meditation.
o Group meditation to help heal your soul.

02:15 PM03:15 PMDefining Moments – Reclaim Your Power & Live The Life You LoveAnna Stapleton

Learn how and why it is important to take the time to #StopByDesign. Explore how tracing an event from your past can free you from everyday irritations in your relationship to people or situations.

03:15 PM03:45 PMA Positive Birth Experience and Emotional Health After BirthLola Alcaraz-Perez

This interactive talk will cover:
A woman needs to be at her emotional best after the birth of her baby in order to care for him/her more efficiently and happily.
What makes a mother feel positive about her birth experience.
A Birth Wish List as a tool to reflect on and communicate the aspects of labour and birth relevant to the mother.
YogaBirth Classes:
As a place to learn, practice and embody the positions and breathing beneficial for a positive birth experience.
As a regular source of information, support, affirmation, motivation and nourishment.
As a meeting place with other pregnant women.
As a place to come back postnataly, with her baby, to be nourished during her transition as a mother.

03:45 PM04:30 PMHealing Ailments through Ayuverdic methodsSeema Datta

More details coming soon

Start TimeEnd TimeTitle of TalkNameTalk Outline