2017 Speaker Zone

​Speaker Zone

​In the Speaker Zone - you can stop in to hear any of the free talks scheduled throughout the day. Many of the talks include demonstrations and even participation - find something new to support your Wellbeing.

​11:00AM The Importance of Modern Foreign Languages at Primary School Level and Beyond

​11:30AM ​Neurodiversity and Dyslexia

​12:00PM Biodanza-Dancing with life

​12:30PM A positive look at Celebrating ‘A’ Life

​1:00PM ​How to Keep a ‘HOT’ Body for Life!

​1:30 PM ​Eat Well, Move Well and Think Well: Empowering you to improve your Health & Wellness.

​2:00PM ​Mindfulness Workshop - an Introduction to Reducing Stress

​2:30PM ​How can the Alexander Technique help you?

​3:00PM AMATSU…no longer Japan’s best kept secret!

​3:30PM ​Tree of Life Meditation