Poise and Vitality with the Alexander Technique

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Esther Miltiadous MSTAT and Deborah Levy MSTAT are both Alexander Technique teachers based in North London. Alexander Technique teaches people to use themselves (mind and body) with less tension and more poise. It allows us to free ourselves from harmful habits, and live calmer more poised and pain free lives. Alexander Technique is often used to help with anxiety, back and other joint pain. Musicians and sports people find it helpful to prevent injury and improve performance. Actors and singers use AT to improve and protect their voices. Alexander Technique is considered a re-education process with adults, but we also work with children, which is great as the skills just become part of their general learning. We teach one to one, classes and workshops. Come and talk to us and learn about how the Alexander Technique can help you.

Deborah Levy MSTAT
website: alextechnorthlondon.com
email: deborah@alextechnorthlondon.com
Tel: 07764 154282
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